CPF scientists have prepared dozens of research papers that have been presented at professional society meetings and published in scientific journals. A sample of our work, including links to many documents, is provided below. For a complete listing of publications, presentations and research studies authored by CPF scientists, please contact us.

Selected Publications

Foster, S. and Chrostowski, P.  2014.  Availability of Human Health Risk Assessments for Waste to Energy Technologies and Comparison to Everyday Risks.  22nd Annual NAWTEC Conference. Reston, VA.  May  2014.

Chrostowski, P.C. and Foster, S. 2014. Resolution of a Controversy – Do Waste to Energy Plants Cause Public Health Impacts? 29th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management. Philadelphia, PA, USA. April 2014.

Chrostowski, P.C. and Foster, S. 2013. Recent Findings from Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments of Waste to Energy Technologies.  Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting. Baltimore, Maryland. December 2013.

Foster, S. 2013. Public Health and Environmental Assessments of Waste-to-Energy Technologies. Symposium on the Future of Energy Recovery from Wastes (Toronto, Canada, October 31, 2013) and Energy-from-Waste Workshop: 2013 SWANA Northwest Regional Symposium (Richmond, BC, Canada, April 10, 2013).

Foster, S. and Chrostowski, P.C. 2013. An Update of Findings from Public Health and Environmental Studies of Waste-to-Energy Technologies. 21st Annual NAWTEC Conference, Ft. Myers, FL. April 23, 2103.

Foster, S. and Chrostowski, P.C. 2012. Human Health and Ecological Impact Analysis for a New Renewable Energy Facility in Florida. 2012 Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT) Conference, Columbia University, NY. October. Poster Presentation.

Foster, S.A., Chrostowski, P.C., and Porter, T.J. 2011. Ultrafine Particles in Combustion Source Emissions: The Role of Waste-to-Energy Facilities. 2011 Annual Society of Risk Analysis Meeting, Charleston, SC December. Poster Presentation.

Foster, C., Richer, P., Lynch, G., Chrostowski, P., Hoffman, B. and Militana, L. 2008. PM2.5 Ambient Air Monitoring at a Regional Solid Waste Processing and Transfer Facility. Global Waste Management Symposium, Copper Mountain, CO. September 2008.

Foster, S. and Chrostowski, P.C. 2008. Comprehensive Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment of a Carbon Reactivation Facility. Annual Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. December.

Chrostowski, P.C. 2008. Hill’s Postulates. In Jorgensen, SE & Fath, BD (Eds) Ecotoxicology. Vol 3 of Encyclopedia of Ecology, pp. 1858-1863. Oxford: Elsevier.

Chrostowski, P.C. and Foster, S. 2007. Health Effects of Waste-to-Energy: An Update. 10th Annual Electric Utilities Environmental Conference, Tucson, Arizona.

Foster, S., Chrostowski, P.C. and Wilsey, S. 2006. The Role of Landfill Gas Emission Rate Calculation Methods in Solid Waste Landfill Risk Assessments. Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland.

Chrostowski, P.C. and Foster, S. 2006. Modeling Exposure and Risk from Chemical Weapons Releases. Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland.

Foster, S. and Chrostowski, P.C. 2006. Methods for Addressing Public Health Concerns at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. 21st International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Chrostowski, P.C. 2006. Comments on Assessment of Lindane and Other Hexachlorocyclohexane Isomers. Submitted comments on EPA Document EPA-HQ-OPP-2006-0034.

Foster, S., Chrostowski, P.C., Pirages, S. and Nealley, M. 2006. Application of the IEM-2M Mercury Fate and Transport Model in Hazardous Waste Combustion Facility Risk Assessments. 2006 Waste Management National Meeting, Air and Waste Management Association and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Arlington, Virginia.

Chrostowski, P.C. 2005. What Inhibition of Gap Junction Intercellular Communication Can Tell Us About Carcinogenic Dose-Response. Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida.

Langmuir, D., Chrostowski, P., Vigneault, B., and Chaney, R. 2004. Issue Paper on the Environmental Chemistry of Metals. Prepared for USEPA Risk Assessment Forum: Papers Addressing Scientific Issues in the Risk Assessment of Metals. Washington, D.C. Contract #68-C-98-148.

Chrostowski, P.C. and Foster, S. 2004. Swimming Pool Shock Treatment. Environ. Health 66:26-27.

Chrostowski, P.C. and Foster, S. 2003. Integrated Human Exposure Model, Version 2 (IHEM2) for Volatile Organic Compounds. Prepared for Syracuse Research Corporation, Syracuse, New York. EPA Grant No. CR-83109201-0. December 26, 2003.

Foster, S., Chrostowski, P.C., Preziosi, D. 2003. A Comparison of Two Mercury Environmental Fate and Transport Models in Evaluating Incinerator Emissions. 2003 Incineration Conference, Orlando, Florida.

Chrostowski, P.C. and Foster, S. 2003. Human Health Risk Assessment for Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Biosolids. 23rd International Symposium on Halogenated Organic Pollutants and Persistent Organic Pollutants, Boston, Massachusetts.

Chrostowski, P.C. and Foster, S. 2003. Odor Perception and Health Effects. WEFTEC – Water Environment Federation 2003 Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference, Los Angeles, California.

Chrostowski, P.C. and Foster, S. 2002. Chemical Intervention in Swimming Pools: A Proposed Definition for Shock Treatment. National Environmental Health Association 66th Annual Educational Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Chrostowski, P.C., Preziosi, D., Pearsall, L., and Foster, S. 2000. A Probabilistic Model of Time-to-Cleanup by Natural Attenuation. Second International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, Monterey, California.