Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S)

Industrial facilities and manufacturing processes are required to comply with many complex regulatory systems intended to help protect the environment and worker health and safety. This underlying regulation also creates the potential for litigation for alleged product liability, personal injury, or property damage claims associated with chemical, microbiological or radioactive agents.

As new regulations are proposed and promulgated, private companies and even local and county governments affected by state and federal regulatory requirements, may have technical and scientific concerns and questions.

CPF Associates provides consulting assistance related to environmental health and safety (EH&S) programs and helps clients deal with scientific and technical aspects of federal, state, and international environmental, occupational, and product-oriented regulatory requirements. Participation of a consulting firm like CPF can bring new ideas and unbiased assessments to EH&S and regulatory programs in a cost-effective fashion.

Our services in EH&S include:

  • Independent third party audits of environmental health and safety (EH&S) and product stewardship programs.
  • Evaluation of the behavior and effects of chemicals, microbials, physical agents, and radionuclides in the workplace and residential or natural environments
  • Toxicological, physical or chemical testing of products or materials
  • Development and implementation of health assessment studies including epidemiology and biomonitoring studies
  • Evaluation of potential claims associated with chemical exposure
  • Development and presentation of hazard communication materials and health & safety plans
  • Scientific review of and comment on proposed regulations related to EH&S, assistance in crafting technical comments for submittal to regulatory agencies
  • Interactions with regulatory agencies